Useful Links & Resources

Below are useful links and resources that I’ve come across in my own research and discovery. I’ve organized them into three groups (general info, athletic performance, and medical implications).

Links and Resources on General Ketogenic Eating and Nutrition

Beginners Guide to Ketogenic Eating – Excellent Blog!

Why carbs make you gain body fat

Matt Collett, Dad, Cyclist, Keto Enthusiast’s personal journey – great blog!

Study showing there is no need for carbohydrates in human diet

Study showing human body favors fat-adapted state

Business Insider article about persistence of bad nutrition advise

General benefits of the ketogenic diet

How politics and corruption have shaped nutritional guidelines

Cholesterol myths: Busted


Keto-specific blood test recommendations / Recommend supplements

Links and Resources Specific to Athletic Performance

Off season adaptation tips

Ironman Case Study – Phil Maffetone

Ironman (Beven), age-grouper case study with race-day carbs

Fat Adapted Athlete In Depth Study (Ben Greenfield)

Dave Scott on Nutrition (Extremely compelling, as Dave Scott, 6x Ironman World Champion, was, during his career, a huge proponent of low fat / high carb. Now, later in life, has reversed position)

Fat burning potential – carbs vs. fat in athletes

Links and Resources on Medical Benefits to Ketogenic Eating

Migraine Help

Brain Cancer

Alzeihmers Disease


Eating ketogenic without a gallbladder

Evidence supporting prescription of LCHF for improving cardiovascular risk factors

Cancer Implications