Runner since 2011, triathlete since 2013, four time ironman finisher (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) – well, swim was cancelled in FL 2014, so 3.67 time finisher?

I’ve done 31 triathlons total since my first one on February 24th, 2013, including Beach to Battleship (now ironman NC), Ironman Florida, Ironman Louisville (twice), and USAT Nationals.

I was fully bought into the high-carb endurance athlete lifestyle, until I decided that the long term health implications of all that were questionable. After much research, decided to give ketogenic eating a try. Life changing enough to blog about, so here we are.

I’ve got nothing to sell. Just giving my story away for free for anyone interested or curious. I’ll be sharing recipes, data, food and workout journals, race results, blood test results, and other things keto-related along the way.

My wonderful wife will be contributing as well. She’s hopped on the bandwagon, and thankfully so, as she’s found some terrific recipes for things like muffins and pancakes.

We live in south central KY. I’m blessed with two beautiful boys, and a mess of dogs. We’re active in our local church; I play guitar and my wife sings. I have a desk job that I thoroughly enjoy, but am extremely grateful for triathlon, which has given me a much needed physical and mental outlet, and has contributed to my well being and work-life balance.

I hope the information herein is useful. Comments and feedback are welcome!


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