Blood Work – 7 Months Keto

Went to my doctor for annual physical and blood work. I was excited to compare labs from last year (pre-keto) to this year. The results align with what others have experienced, but it is nice to have the validation.

When I describe my high-fat, low-carb diet to people, usually the first objection people raise has to do with cholesterol and triglycerides. I mean, if you’re eating eggs, bacon, butter, beef, and all those rich, high-fat foods that have been demonized for years, wouldn’t that have disastrous consequences in terms of blood markers?!

Turns out, NOPE.

July 2016 total cholesterol: 172
May 2017 total cholesterol: 188
16 points higher, but still under the current 200 point threshold – however, the link between cholesterol and heart disease has been debunked. Main point here is – no significant impact from high dietary cholesterol intake.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Pre-keto HDL: 49, now 60 (higher is considered better)
Pre-keto LDL: 134, now 126 (lower is considered better)
Pre-keto triglycerides: 134, now 50 (lower is considered better)

Fasting blood glucose pre-keto: 106. Now – 53! This is pretty low, but no ill effects due to ketone levels. Someone who is not fat-adapted would have serious symptoms of low blood sugar, but not when you’re in ketosis.

I also had several electrolyte levels checked, and validated the supplementation I have been doing. Magnesium in particular was close to the lower end, and my vitamin D was at the higher end, so some minor modifications of my daily supplements should get those closer to optimal.

Bottom line – eating a high-fat, low carb diet long term has only improved my blood markers, not to mention my quality of life, body composition, and athletic endurance.

Please pass the bacon!



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