Marathon Training Update

7 weeks out from the Eisenhower marathon, and training has been going well. It’s been somewhat tricky to pivot from a triathlon training approach to more of a run-focused plan. I have tried to keep at least 2 sessions on the bike and 1-2 swims per week while still getting in the run volume, and so far it’s gone well.

Today I had the first of three planned 20-mile traing runs in my plan. I thought I’d share a few observations, as those long runs are always landmarks in a training block, and this mornings run was notable for a couple reasons.

  1. Fueling: I did this run on about 375 calories, of which 108 were carbs. (See below) Energy was consistent throughout. Heart rate vs. pace was locked in throughout.
  2. Recovery: Before, I would feel pretty “tapped out” after a run like this. However, even an hour after the run, I’m running up and down stairs, walking normally, legs feel good. Fat metabolism (believe it’s called the “Krebs cycle”) is less stressful on the muscles. This has shown in my recovery.
  3. Pacing: This was my fastest 20-miler ever, (8:25/mile) and I did it at what was my pre-keto “zone 2” heart rate. My average heart rate continues to trend downward against an upward pacing trend.
  4. Mental Clarity: I credit the small amount of carbs I took in for this one. The brain fog tends to set in towards the end of a long run, but not today. I’d almost describe it as the run happened in slow motion, but time went fast. Paradoxical, for sure, but my mind was crisp, even during the last few miles.

I’m encouraged and cautiously optimistic about the April 8th race, given the progress I continue to see.

Here’s my fueling for this morning’s run:

NutriKeto ketone shake, 20 min prior to starting. Keto OS 2.1 mixed in 24oz of water, and one GU. I spread the Keto OS out over the course of the run (only drank 75% during, the rest immediately after), and had half a GU pack at 9.5 miles, and the rest at 15 miles. Other bottle was plain water. Not pictured, SaltStick caps (took 2 during the run).

And, of course, eggs and sausage when I got home!


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